CQ Magazine's Annual DX Marathon

Pirates and Helpful Hints

Last update 14 Jan 2013

Pirates, busted calls and valid calls for the 2012 Marathon

Each year there are pirates, operations that are not approved and callsigns that are copied incorrectly.   Each year DX Marathon will attempt to document as many of these operations as possible.   Of course, there could be errors, so WFWL.  We also list unusual calls that may lead to confusion as its official entity.  Valid calls are listed in RED.  We encourage you to share your findings on pirates, illegal operations or confusing callsigns with us.  Please send your callsign updates to the DX Marathon administrator at:  john@dxmarathon.com

3D2AG/P - Counts as Rotuma - Jan 1-9, 2012

4S7DXG - Pirate

4U1WRC - Counts for 4U1ITU

5A2FHE - Pirate

5T0JL - February 22 activity was a pirate

5U6GT - Incorrect spot for CU6GT

5X1NH - Early 2012 activity was from a pirate

7O6T - please note that this operation was in Zone 37, not 21

9L0M - Incorrect spot for 9M0L

9N1II - Pirate

9Q0HQ/7 - Not valid at this time - no documentation

9Q6AL - Not valid at this time - no documentation

9Q6/ZS4U - Not valid at this time - no documentation

A52HF - Incorrect spot for J52HF

D2PZ - Pirate

EZ - No authorized operation at this time

H40/H44RK - H40 prefix was in error, counts as H44

HT0JL - Incorrect spot for 5T0JL

HV0E - Pirate

J25HF - Incorrect spot for J52HF

JW2US - VALID - counts for Bear Island

K4C - VALID - counts for Puerto Rico

LU4ZS - VALID - counts for Antarctica

PV0S - Pirate

ST9H - Incorrect spot for HT9H

ST0SP - Incorrect spot for 5T0SP

SU1CQN - Incorrect spot for SV1CQN

SV0ASP/A - Be advised that Monk Apollo's call has been pirated many times

T30TT - Valid as of September 18, 2012

T5A - Incorrect spot for 4JT5A

T5EC - Does not count for DXCC or CQ

T77KN - Pirate

TC1919ATA - VALID - counts as Asian Turkey

TC2012WKD - VALID - counts as European Turkey

TO2A - VALID - counts as FY

TO2D - VALID - counts as FJ

TO2U - VALID - counts as FP

TO5G - VALID - counts as FY

TO4E - Pirate

TU5JM - All CW operations are from a pirate

TY/IZ0VHJ - Pirate

TZ1TT - Incorrect spot for 7Z1TT

VP6/W6NN - Incorrect spot for VP5/W6NN

VP8SGK - VALID - Operation on April 20 was from South Georgia

XZ1K - Not valid at this time - no documentation

YA/XXXX - No YA/ calls are valid - only T6 calls are valid for Afghanistan

YI1H, YI1HR, YI1HRP, YI1SA, YI1SR, YI1WR - Pirates

YI1IRQ - Valid only for QSO's starting 14 Nov 2012

YK1AO - July 2012 operations were from a pirate

YK4LS - Incorrect spot for TK4LS

Z60K - VALID - counts for Kosovo

ZB2NZ - Pirate

ZD9GI - Pirate

ZD9KN - Pirate

ZK3CI - Pirate

ZL8BV - Pirate

ZL9DD - Pirate

Helpful Hints

  • Please check USA/VE zones carefully - use www.qrz.com to check zones before submitting.   The number in the callsign does not necessarily match the location.  Did you know that West Virginia (W8) is in Zone 5?  and that Alabama (W4) is in Zone 4?  See US/VE zone detail below.

  • Check Zone 2 submissions carefully - see Zone 2 page on this website.

  • When a prefix can count for more than country (e.g. E51) double check your entry.

  • Although you can use the same QSO for a country and a Zone, if there is an error, two points will be lost!  We suggest using a different QSO for country and zone.

  • Review your submission carefully and make sure your logging program country database is up to date - then press the send button.

  • USA/VE Zone Listing

    Zone 1. Northwestern Zone of North America: KL (Alaska), VY1/VE8 Yukon, the Northwest and Nunavut Territories west of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of Victoria, Banks, Melville, and Prince Patrick).

    Zone 2. Northeastern Zone of North America: VO2 Labrador, the portion of VE2 Quebec north of the 50th parallel, the VE8 Northwest and Nunavut Territories east of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of King Christian, King William, Prince of Wales, Somerset, Bathurst, Devon, Ellesmere, Baffin and the Melville and Boothia Peninsulas, excluding Akimiski Island).

    Zone 3. Western Zone of North America: VE7, W6, and the W7 states of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

    Zone 4. Central Zone of North America: VE3, VE4, VE5, VE6, VE8 Akimiski Island, and W7 states of Montana and Wyoming. W0, W9, W8 (except West Virginia), W5, and the W4 states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

    Zone 5. Eastern Zone of North America: 4U1UN, CY9, CY0, FP, VE1, VE9, VY2, VO1 and the portion of VE2 Quebec south of the 50th parallel. VP9, W1, W2, W3 and the W4 states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and the W8 state of West Virginia.