The CQ DX Marathon!




Congratulations to the winners !!!

W9KNI - Unlimited Class     DL4CW - Formula Class




2010 DX Marathon Unlimited Class Final Scores

2010 DX Marathon Formula Class Final Scores

2010 DX Marathon Country Certificate Winners

(Our apologies to SQ1EIX who was not listed as SP winner in the CQ Magazine Article.)

2010 DX Marathon Zone Certificate Winners

2010 DX Marathon Zone Leaders 

2010 DX Marathon Top 10 Low Power

2010 DX Marathon Top 10 CW

2010 DX Marathon Top 10 SSB

2010 DX Marathon Top 10 Digital

2010 DX Marathon Top Single Band Scores

Complete copy of the June 2011 CQ Magazine Article (Note: File is large 8Mb)

(Our apologies to IK5FKF who came in second in the Digital category but was not included in the CQ Magazine Article.)


Bernhard Wittek, DL4CW

Formula Class Winner


Bernhard was interested in radio at a very young age listening to short wave broadcasts on his parents tube receiver.  At age 12, he attempted an amateur license but was distracted by other interests.  After many years of SWLing, Bernhard finally got his ham license in 2004.  His passion for SWLing quickly turned to a passion for DX-ing.  Bernhard operates an IC751A transceiver to all home brew antennas.  Currently his antenna farm consists of a 33 foot vertical and a 90 foot Zepp.   Bernhard operates primarily CW and RTTY and is an avid QSL collector.  He is also licensed as N4FC.   Bernhard said he came across the DX Marathon accidently a few years ago, noticed that his score was quite good and made a real effort in 2010.  Bernhard is an active participant in SOTA (Summits On The Air) and the photo shows Bernhard on one of his expeditions in Austria.


Oms, PP5EG, Proudly displaying two of his DX Marathon certificates. 

Oms was runner-up in the 2010 Marathon Unlimited Class.