Results of the 2019 DX Marathon




R9AB:  73 to all DX-hunters!

ON6NL:  A good way to start the new year is closing the old one. I did not specially work for the Marathon in 2019 and I see I missed a lot of ďeasyĒ ones. For 2020 I will really do an effort, so watch for me! 

AK1P:   Another fun year!  73

PA3FQA: CW only this year. All this FT8 makes no fun.

NU8Z:  Despite what seemed like worse conditions, I managed to improve on last yearís score. Great yearly event!

VK3MB : Thanks for running this program.

YV5AJI: Fantastic opportunity

F6GCP: First attempt in the Marathon

N9TF: FT digital mode was the mode of the game this year, especially for us little pistols! Of my 201 Qs, 165 were FT digital, 5 were RTTY, and 31 were CW. Not a bad tally for being at the bottom of the solar cycle! Missed Zones 22 and 26.

9A2EU: Great year for DXing. 259 DXCC in one year. Using TS-590S great Rig for DX. CU in 2020 DX marathon!

TA4RC: I am happy more this year than last year.  I have worked hard and have been more successful.  Thanks all.

VE9VIC I:  had a lot of fun, not much time in the summer, I hope to get better antennas next year, 73 to all

VE3VEE: I worked more DXCC entities this year than in previous years. Should I say Long Live The Solar Minimum? LOL :-)

DP1POL: It's just a small log this year as I only operated from Antarctica for about two weeks. I hope to be back in 2020!

W9VA: Licensed 1952 - First digital QSO 67 years later - 9 Aug 2019.  Old Dog - New Tricks.

W9ILY: Lots of fun but missed some easy ones!

W4QN: Low score this year, combination of FT8 replacing CW and poor propagation- but still a fun activity.

JA0DAI: Now, FT8 is coming up to my major mode. It works well on low bands, and I enjoyed it.

K6KSO: Rookie year.

ZS2EZ: Rotator Failed middle of November.

IK5FKF: Since 2009 I participate in this fascinating race, always arriving in the first 5 (four times first place). This year due to low solar activity, even the big stations have used FT8 to connect to the DX-peditions. This has reduced the possibility of excelling.

KD4LEM: Thanks for another great year.... Looking forward to 2020

AC7P: Thanks for helping keep interest in DX going during this period of solar minimum.

VK4CC: Thanks for running the Marathon again. Always lots of fun.

OE1SGU: Thanks to the organizers and everyone for the activity! See you in 2020!

KZ3I: The tree supporting my antenna fell and I was forced to get by with a 20 meter Zepp at 30'  for the 2nd half of the year. Also lost 3 months operating to home renovation. I am looking forward to 2020.

W4HY: Third year of participation.

JA1IRH: This event is one of my major target of amateur radio activity in every year. Thank you very much.

WO7R: This is my first digital mode only entry.

YD1RKT: This is my first DX Marathon, and so glad I could participate.

CX3AL: This was my second participation. Worked very hard digital modes (FT8 and FT4) during 2019, almost daily, trying to achieve new CX and continental record, at present held by PY2RJ with 256 score in 2017. Made a total of 6858 QSO's.

K4ZO:   This was the first year I have been able to enter.  Retirement is great.

W2NK: This will probably be my last year of competing. Digital is beyond my abilities or even stronger, my interest. I'm a ham radio operator, not a computer geek that seems to be the top criterion today. Digi should have its own category.

K1PTF: This year is my 3rd time entering the DX Marathon. When I look back over this year long log, I am amazed at all the places in this world that I contacted. I especially enjoyed sharing the experience with my friends in Salt City DX Association.

TA1NAC: Thanks for all the participation

K9CJ: Worst local noise I've had in over 20 years. Started about mid-September and averages about s6/s7 now. Other than that, the Marathon is fun.

I4EAT:  Worst propagation this year prevented to increase score, anyway glad to work again old friends and some new one: CY9, S7 and KL7, last two via moon.

VK2HV: With all the FT8 Qís being sent from others I canít compete as of late.  I have just been doing band/mode slots. This is just an incentive to get back on the radio after 5 years. Letís hope conditions pick up as I normally only operate on 10 17 and 30m

WB4RA:  My first time with the Marathon.  I noticed that there was no credit for number of DX contacts. That might be a nice add since many of the countries are worked more than once.

PP1CZ: Last year I made a few contacts, due to the problems in my antennas.  In 2020 I hope to have a better result, with new antennas (DB 18 E and 80 Meter dipole).

DL6DH: It was great fun again, unfortunately, stiff conditions and out of a valley it is often not possible to work a dx station due to lack of a flat elevation angle...