Results of the 2020 DX Marathon





N9TF: It was an interesting DX year to say the least. No DXpeditions to look forward to, to any of those rare islands still needed by this op!  This year’s Marathon was mostly a split between CW (thank you CQ for some great DX contests this year), and FT8, with a couple SSB and a few RTTY thrown in for good measure. FT8 won out with 49.7% of the total, and CW close behind with 47.5%.  Working from home had its advantages this year, as some DX may not have been possible.  I am happy with the results of my DX worked this year. I only wish I could have worked zone 23 for all 40 zones! Let's hope for a return to normal for 2021 so we can look forward to some DXpeditions to some of those most needed entities. 

K2JL: First time entering Limited Class. I erected a Hexbeam in August 2020 but 2020 was a rough year personally and for DX. Hoping for a better 2021 and a better Limited Class effort.

K8YC: Some unfortunate circumstances over and above Covid-19 kept my Spiderbeam out of operation for most of the year.  Since late September I have been awaiting the tree surgeon to come take down a 80+ foot tall oak tree that kept destroying my antenna by dropping some very large dead limbs!

ZL2IFB: A tough year on and off the radio.  So glad to have an absorbing hobby that keeps us in touch, despite the physical distance.  Will the sun wake up in 2021?  So far, it seems to be having a lie-in.

NL8F: 10121 QSO's this year - guess I should not CQ so much!

VK4CC: A good distraction to the troubles of 2020. Thanks

TF3JB: A most interesting event. At the end of each calendar year, I say to myself...I could have done I look forward to doing better in 2021. Thank you CQ Magazine for this most interesting event in amateur radio!

W9KNI: Looking forward to a far better year in 2021.

IN3FHE : Antenna failed while I was in lockdown, the radio also failed. In June, the antenna was finally repaired, while I used the 20m dipole, the only one I could tune.

K7BV:  Sad score this year….sigh.   Heart trouble put me on my butt for a while and missed several.

W9ZCL: Big Thanks to everyone making this CQ DX Marathon possible it presents a challenge all year long. 

N7RD: Considering 2020 was such a lost year, CQ Marathon is always such fun for me.  Gives us DXers something to get motivated about.  Thanks for the great event each year.

IK5FKF: DXpeditions and sunspots were missing this year, but I still enjoyed it. I hope 2021 is better. Good luck to all.

AF9W: First ever Marathon Submission

K2YYY: First time CQ Marathon.  Can't wait until 2021 and sunspots!

AB1J: First time entering for me.  A fun way to end a bad year.

W7PC: First time participant here and made my decision to enter in the last 45 days. Will work on this more diligently in 2021 hopefully with better antennas and addition of other modes to my arsenal. This definitely seems fun!!

W9II: First time submission.

VA3AMX: First time submitting my log for the CQ DX Marathon: Rig: Elecraft K2 or KX2; Wire & vertical antennas.

W4HY: Fourth year of participation.

M0XLT:  I really enjoyed the challenge, and it shows what can be achieved at the Solar Minimum with a simple station.

9A2EU: I tried only 10 meters band this year and pleasantly surprised to work 146 entities and 37 CQ zones in sunspot minimum.

PY2ADR: Itīs good to be back to the game again and have some fun. Specially on this very difficult year for all over the world. Itīs good to be on the air. Itīs good to have friends! 73īs all stay safe.

KI1U: Lots of fun as usual. Interesting to see so many spots filled by digital modes this year.

W4QN: Low score this year, combination of FT8 replacing CW and poor propagation - but still a fun activity.

KM8L:  My first time entering the Marathon.  Tremendous fun!

JA0DAI: My operation became mostly FT8 to pick up weak signals on low bands and even on higher bands in low sunspot condition.

K8AJS: My results were disappointing this year. Maybe 2021 will be better.

YV6BXN: Very nice making QSOs in the poor propagation.  Hope 2021 will be better.

SV2AEL:  Thank you for nice event.

KL7KK: Thank you for putting on the Marathon, always fun to chase the dx.

VK2PW: Thank you very much to the organizers and to all entrants.  Best of luck DXers

4X1ST: Thanks - this is my first time entering the marathon.  It has been a lot of fun!

OE1SGU: Thanks for another opportunity to participate! Well 2020 was really different: Less DXCC on the band but lots of more QSOs logged because of the time in lockdowns. Hope for more rare entities to come up in the next years.

JA2NDQ: Thanks to "The DX Marathon" I was able to QRV actively throughout the year.

NU8Z:  Covid 19 really put a damper on any DXpeditions as indicated by a lower score. I hope 2021 is a better year in every respect. Thanks for the effort in making the DX Marathon happen!!

WD9DZV: This is a great contest and a lot of fun! With times being what they are, this is what keeps me on the bands and keeps me busy. Many thanks to K9EL for managing this contest and his work is appreciated!

YV4ABR: This is my first time entering this contest. I use HRD Logger and it does not show CQ zone, so it was kind of a challenge to declare the zones correctly. It was a hard year but thanks god we have Ham Radio.

VU2TMP: This is the first time I am doing this score sheet, and also the DX Marathon. W9KNI Bob is my motivation. Thank you.

IW2CAM: This year for me has been the best year, even if to reach this result I have used FT8 a lot.  Maybe 2021 will be even better considering that the new cycle is starting.

N0FW: This year's Marathon made the seemingly infinite amount of time locked-down at home a little less onerous.  Glad to participate after over a decade of inactivity.  CU again next year.

N4KW:  Many interruptions during the year not much time for DX.