CQ Magazine's Annual DX Marathon

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I enter more than one category?

A:  The current rules allow each participant to submit one log per location. 


Q. If I submit my total log, will the DX Marathon extract only the QSOs for the band and/or mode for which I would have the highest score?

A: The participant must choose which category to enter upon submission.


Q. Can I submit multiple logs and have the scoring software choose the one with the best score?

A:  The current rules allow each participant to submit one log per location. 


Q. Can I submit a log for a single band/single mode combination?

A: Yes, but the scoring software will consider the entry a single mode entry.   At this time, we do not offer single band/single mode awards (for example all 17meter FT8)


Q. What if I miss the deadline and submit after January 5th?

A: We will be happy to accept your log and it will be scored and the results published separately with any other late logs.


Q. The DX Marathon submission form seems to be locked and I cannot make any changes to the country names, prefixes, etc.

A. In order for the scoring software to accurately score all submissions, every log must be in an identical format.


Q. Why does it take so long for the results to be published?

A. High Claimed scores are published within a few days of the submission deadline, but the final results are based on CQ Magazine publication deadlines.


Q. Is there any cost to enter the DX Marathon and receive awards?

A. There is no cost to the entrant.   All certificates are downloadable PDFs and the cost for the plaques are covered by the plaque sponsors.


Q. Does the DX Marathon website provide updates during the year on the top scores?

A. The majority of participants prefer to keep their current scores private, so there is no current progress listing on the website.


Q. I have a summer cottage and have small antennas there and low power.   Can I add  those QSOs to my total form my home station?

A:  The current rules allow each participant to submit one log per location.  You are welcome to enter a second log from your second QTH.  For example, I could enter as K9EL and K9EL/8.


Q. I live in a high rise building, with my vertical antenna on the roof.   Although the antenna meets the basic qualifications for Formula Class, it appears my height does not allow me to enter in Formula Class.  With only 100 watts it is difficult to compete in Unlimited Class.

A. The Formula Class was created to allow participants with minimal antenna system to enter the DX Marathon.   With low dipoles and ground mounted verticals, there is fair competition.   A vertical or a dipole on the roof of a high rise building has a significant advantage,


Q. Why doesn’t the Marathon offer a 100 watt version of the Unlimited Class?

A. The majority of participants with towers and yagis own amplifiers.   There is simply not enough demand for a low power unlimited class.  


Q. I received my summary of last year’s entry and I made a simple error for which I have an alternate QSO – why can’t I substitute that QSO and gain back that point?

A. All scoring is done in February to allow time for writing the magazine article in time for publication deadlines.   By the time you receive your score summary, the results have long been determined and awards created.   It is not possible to change anything on your log after the January 5th submission deadline.


Q. I submitted my log on January 2nd and after reviewing it, I found a mistake.  Can I re-submit?

A. Yes.  You can re-submit any time as long as the submission meets the submission deadline.  The new log will simply overwrite your previous submission.


Q. I worked a station that is not listed on QRZ.COM and not listed on the DX Marathon’s Helpful Himts webpage.  How do I determine if the call is real or not?

A. If you are not sure, please send an email to the DX Marathon Manager.  All inquiries are generally answered within 24 hours.


Q. I worked a station in a rare entity, but never received my 73 and there is no online log.  Should I still enter the QSO even though I am not sure I am in the log?

A: One of advantages of the Marathon is that there is no penalty for not in log or busted call subtractions, other than losing that point.  If you are not sure if you worked the station, enter it anyway – you may be surprised.