NEWS from our new DX Marathon Manager - Mark, WC3W


November 8, 2022

Good morning fellow CQ DX Marathon participants.  I am WC3W and I have been working with John, K9EL almost six months now in understand various aspects of the DX Marathon program.  Wow, it is truly amazing that one man, John, actually managed this pretty much by himself.  It is an amazing program but takes a huge amount of work to manage.

When I accepted the position of administrator, I did so with the presumption that we would form a working volunteer operating group which we just did to split up the various tasks and responsibilities.  We have completed this effort and have been having active zoom meetings.  All is going extremely well has we head to the transition of work January 1, 2023.  As you may know, John has graciously volunteered to remain as our consultant and he will still carry the responsibility of scoring the 2022 results, however, our team will be right along with him looking over his shoulder as he does this.  Secondly, we are developing a more automated scoring tool and Larry, WO7R our Scoring Manager has made such amazing progress we will beta test in parallel with John's efforts so that when we get to the 2023 results, it will have been vetted out.  Here are the key volunteer managers.

Program Administrator and CEO- WC3W Mark Wohlschlegel
Scoring Manager- WO7R- Larry Loen
IT Manager- KI2D- Sebastian Delmont
Awards Manager- K0XM- Chuck Kraly
Rules & Compliance Manager- W4OX- Doug McDuff
Communications Manager- K2CIB- John Samuels

You can reach any of these Managers by posting right on the DX Marathon Groups.IO mailing listis site as all of them are members.

Lastly, in the process of automating are scoring tool, I personally did some research and checking into my own logbook for the accuracy of CQ call zones tied to specific calls in my logbook.  I use DX Labs software for my logging program and I think it is the best in the world.  It is truly a powerful tool.  However, I discovered that when I did some checking of the 33,000+ q's in my logbook, I had over 350 CQ Zone errors.  I checked this using what John and I believe is one of the best data bases out there, Jim's AD1C's country data base.  I made manual correction to all of these zones and now my log is correct.  I use the QRZ data base with Dave's DXLog programs.  He has other options but as of this data, he does not use the AD1C data base.  So, the reason I mention this, is in 2021, about 14% of all the participants use Dave's software to prepare their score sheet.  Through no fault of his, because chances are you do use the QRZ data base, you may experience a higher error rate in zones.  Keep in mind, QRZ does not assign zones, it is the responsibility of the operator to input to QRZ their call zones, and many folks don't even know which zone they are in...and in the US as you know, there are 3 zones so many times when folks move, they don't update the CQ zone information.

Bottom line...all of your have worked very hard in the program for a full year.  Check, check, and double check your zone information before submitting your score sheet.  It will save you penalties, AND it will make our scoring managers job easier because he will have less errors.  

I look forward to growing and making the DX Marathon program lots of fun.  Many like myself do it not because I want plaques or certificates, but as a metric for how my operating skills and improvements in my station have worked.  Each and every year I have participated, my score keeps improving which renders much satisfaction to me!

Good luck---and don't be questions her...AND look on the website as we have added an FAQ that John is graciously populating for us.

73 and Good DX'ing