2022 DX Marathon Log Upload


Please use the input window below to submit your log.   Once your log has been accepted it will be shown on the Received Logs page.   It may take up to 24 hours for your call to appear in the list.  If your call does not appear, please contact k9el at dxmarathon.com.  If you discover you made an error after you have submitted your log, simply upload the new log and it will replace your previous submission.   Submission deadline is 2359Z, January 5, 2023.


By submitting a DX Marathon log, an entrant unconditionally and irrevocably agrees that the entrant has: 1) read and understood the rules of the DX Marathon and agrees to be bound by them; 2) operated according to all rules and regulations that pertain to amateur radio for the station location; 3) agreed that the log entry may be made open to the public; 4) accepted that the issuing of disqualifications and other decisions of the DX Marathon committee are official and final.  If an entrant is unwilling or unable to agree to all of the foregoing, the entrant should not submit an entry.


A very special thanks to Mike, ND9G, for creating and implementing our online log entry.



Log File (.XLS):

Important notes for users of AD1C's ADIF to DX Marathon software: 

Always use the latest version of the software - latest version is 22.1

Always use the latest DX Marathon submission form - latest is 2022.1

For detailed information on the use of the software: https://www.ad1c.us/software/marathon/index.html