CQ DX Marathon

Welcome to CQ Magazine's Annual

DX Marathon

Starting January 1 of each year and running until the end of December, the DX Marathon is the perfect answer for the DX-er who needs that extra incentive to get on the air every day!

Simply work as many countries and CQ Zones as you can in each calendar year, regardless of the band or mode. Each country and zone counts only once, so you can concentrate on working new ones, rather than working the same ones on multiple bands and modes. Find more information in the rules.

Check our constantly updated Hints & Resources to improve your 2024 score.

You can find information on how to submit, a sample scoresheet, and useful applications in our Software Tools page.

Learn about the Origins of the DX Marathon.

Many awards are given for the top overall scores in four classes, plus top scores in modes, bands, US call areas, and more! Details of the extensive award list are available here.

2023 Results

The 2023 DX Marathon is now over. The final results will be available later this Spring to be published on our website. We will keep all the participants advised as to our scoring progress and when the results will be made public. You can see the high claimed scores as submitted by participants on the webpage www.dxmarathon.com.

Help fund the DX Marathon with a tax-deductible donation.