CQ DX Marathon

Funding of the CQ DX Marathon Program

The most significant cost in the DX Marathon program is the procurement and shipping of the various plaques that are awarded each year. We have been very fortunate to have many generous sponsors who cover those costs. However, there are additional costs associated with the administration of the program. Examples of those costs include newsletter subscriptions, software annual fees, etc. As the program expands, we are anticipating additional costs. We feel that there should be funds available to grow the program, increase the categories, awards, etc.

To offset these costs, we will make it possible for individual participants or clubs to contribute to the DX Marathon Program. It should be noted that no funding is received from CQ Magazine in the administration of the program.

We are partnering with Open Collective to manage the funds. Open Collective is a Non-profit platform that allows groups to collect and manage funds in a transparent way and allows US donors to make tax-deductible contributions.

To be clear, all donations are voluntary and there are no fees required to participate in the DX Marathon.

Thank you for your consideration and good luck in the DX Marathon!

– Mark, WC3W, DX Marathon Program Administrator

Visit Open Collective to contribute