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DX Marathon Challenge Reminder

Posted on February 2 2024 by Mark Wohlschlegel • WC3W

Many of you are aware that for 2024, we have introduced a brand new Class entitled “The DX Marathon Challenge”. In my previous post, I had requested that those participants that have an interest in this Class email me their intentions to participate by February 15th. The description of the Challenge is on our website www.dxmarathon.com under Rules 2024. We can accept up to 75 participants for 2024 so to reserve a space, please send me an email (wc3w@dxmarathon.com). So far, we have quite a few interested but we still are below the 75 participants threshold. For those participants that choose this Class, this will represent your single entry into the 2024 program. Even if you reserve, you will reserve the right to not submit, and select another Class. Those who choose to enter will submit at the end of 2024 their scores on 8 (eight) band 80-10 meters. The winner will be determined by summing the total number of DXCC entities and zones on each band. Two plaque will be awarded for the Challenge, one for the top score and a second for the runner-up.

Mark WC3W