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Open Collective to cease operation

Posted on March 15 2024 by Mark Wohlschlegel • WC3W

About a year ago, the DX Marathon program staff had considered forming a 501c3 entity to allow for the tax free donations. We were successful in identify a company Open Collective that served as a proxy for us in allowing for such contributions. We learned about a month ago that they were shutting their doors. We are now looking for another entity or also considering the formation of a 501c3 ourselves.

My purpose in writing this advisory is that as of today, we can no longer accept contributions from our supporters. We will be allowed to preserve what we have in our coffers that were contributed and will manage that money in a prudent way. This in no way affects the tax free status of those that did give through the Open Collection entity…no worries.

Update: This is an edit update of the above posting. As of March 20, 2024, we have put into place an LLC for the DX Marathon Program, DX Marathon LLC. In addition, we have made the decision to go forward with the formation of a 501c3 entity today, and I would expect sometime in April that will be granted and we will be modifying the website to show how anyone can donate tax free to our program. We would encourage anyone in the interim time to make contributions through paypal using my email address wc3w@dxmarathon.com.

Mark WC3W