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You Can Submit 2024 Scores--NOW

Posted on April 16 2024 by Mark Wohlschlegel • WC3W

I would like to encourage all participants in the 2024 DX Marathon Program to start their submission process now. You can do it as many times during the course of 2024 as you wish. The submitted data is secure and no one can “look” at your submission.

As a reminder—we highly recommend all participant use this easy to use submission tool instead of the old excel spreadsheets. It is so easy to use as so many of our participants in 2023 have told us.

The submission process involves four steps: 1- Select your QSOs from your logging program 2- Prepare your entry 2A- Enter the list of QSOs in adif format 2B- Enter your contact info and class 3- Submit your entry.

This process is about as simple as it has ever been in the DX Marathon Program. Before the new submission tool, Step 1 was done either manually or using existing logging apps. Step 2 was all done in Excel sometimes with the help of tools like AD1C’s app mostly for 2A. And finally Step 3 was just a form on the old web site.

The new submission tool covers step 3 like before, but it also handles 2B. It can also help with step 1, and 2A, or you can use other apps for those steps.

It is our intent to standardize on the new submission tool. We have had overwhelming support from 99% of our participants on its simplicity.

In the interim time, if you wish not to use the tool, you can still perform steps 1 and 2A using any other tool. Those tools can still produce an excel file, and now also an ADIF file, or a special xml format, with the final list of QSOs.

So the main change, if you use the same tools you used last year, is that during the final submission process you will be asked to confirm your qso selection and complete your contact info and classification questions.

The new submission tool now will allow you to make your submission without having to use an Excel spreadsheet.

Also, those building tools to help you with steps 1 and 2A will not have to deal with generation of excel files which is a useless extra step adding no value to the process.

Please practice submitting anytime during the year. Each submission you make, i.e. changes, will superceded the previous one so you can start submitting right now. At the end of the year, you will only have to make an update, and then carefully check everything to make sure you did not list a pirate, or you had a wrong zone, or you had a broken call. That’s it!

73 Mark WC3W