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2023 Year is Finished

Posted on May 1 2024 by Mark Wohlschlegel • WC3W

I am pleased to report that the books for the 2023 DX Marathon Program are closed. All plaques were produced and mailed a few weeks ago and certificate winners should receive an email some time before the end of this week with their merit recognition award. Congratulations to all winners of these awards, and congratulations for all who participated in the program. We finished up the year including my summary article a few months ahead of previous years.

I am so very pleased with our +50% year over year growth. The scoring effort went extremely well this year with the new submission tool. We were not without a few issues, but we are human and we do make mistakes, so your patience is very much appreciated. We do the best we can and my staff of volunteers is “the best” in what they do, and the unselfish giving of their time. I also want to personally thank John Sweeney, K9EL for his continued involvement in the program. He is my go to and “rock of Gibraltor” when I get stuck. Thank you John.

We are reviewing this summer our entire award structure and examining whether it is aligned with our vision statement. I can tell you that is not….and you can expect some adjustments when the 2025 rules are published in the Fall of this year. I don’t think there will be any big surprises, but we will be making some incremental adjustments that I think will be appreciated by many participants.
Keep those ideas coming as we do listen to you, our customers in the program. The best way to make your ideas known is through the Group IO reflector. I am still not yet comfortable with the number of participants in Group IO vs the total number of participants in the program. If you are not signed up, please do so.

Lastly, if you are part of a club, and I have not yet been given the opportunity to do a presentation, please email me at wc3w@dxmarathon.com to arrange a presentation. I will be at Dayton and will be doing a Forum on Sunday am. Hope to see you there.

73 Mark WC3W Program Administrator