CQ DX Marathon

2021 DX Marathon: Comments

W9AP: A great first-time experience. Would like to have worked more countries - not enough butt in seat time.

NU8Z: DX Better than 2020. Few more DX-peditions and better conditions. Had fun. Looking forward to next year.

GW3SFC:  Enjoyed 2021 CQ Marathon. My first entry. Worked several new ones towards end.

IN3FHE: Every year my local noise/QRM is worse. It's a hard job to be satisfied with the Marathon.

VK2EY: First Time entry - a lot of fun

W4HY: Fourth year of participation.

K9RR:  Fun every year. Can't wait for the 2022 edition to start.

N0FW: Glad to participate again this year.  It was a pleasant break from all the issues going on in the world.  CU again next year!

NL8F:   Great contest keeps you on your toes

ON6NL: Great motivation tool to keep you hunting for DX!

KI1U: Great to see conditions improving!

4F3BZ: Happy to have broken the country record. Looking forward to 2022! 73

N6WT: I am just going to turn this in as is. I have not checked for valid calls or pirates. I was not as active as the year before due to a whole house remodel. My shack was disassembled for 3 months. I hope to do better in 2022! TNX 73 Kent

JA0DAI: I think FT8 is the most useful mode for low level signals on 160m and 6m, and I like it.

W2NK: I was disappointed by the lack of activity from so many of the usual common countries that I never heard this year. 8P,9H, FP, J3, J7 etc. Are all the mini-DX-peditions only taking digi with them?

K4ZO: Improved my score from last year but still missed a few.

OE1SGU: It was great fun again! 73 Hannes

IT9RYJ:  It's the first time I submit my log to CQ DX Marathon. I think that this competition is a very good idea in order to develop DX activity!

MI0BHX: Looking forward to receiving a high place in the results table.

KW9U: Moved this year and missed about 3 months operating time. Only moved about 5 miles.

K1NU:  My first try at the Marathon - had a blast, but it was exhausting.  Managed to (barely!) make my goal of 200 DXCC entities.

WG5G:  Poor propagation, covid kept scores down but had fun, looking forward to 2022 – come on sunspots.

AD0K:  First time submitting. First year using FT-8 and FT-4. Conditions are getting better, with SFI over 100 at the end of the year, but most of the year SFI was around 70. Tough propagation conditions. Things are looking better for 2022.

N9TF:  This year I changed my residence from IL to TN for retirement.  I chose to use DX worked in TN over IL. I was quite happy and impressed with what I was able to accomplish with a quickly cobbled together 160m (sort of) dipole.   All contacts claimed were made from FN22. I have an entry for CN87 that is separate from this one as CN87 is my home QTH.  If I understand the rules correctly, I can't combine the logs but hope that KB2S/2 counts as a different callsign for the entry.  But I sure can't wait to get some real antennas up this spring! FT8/4 was my friend, although I did manage 7 entities of the 80 on CW.  Many of the FT contacts would have been possible on CW, if there was activity on that mode!  Thanks CQ group for a fun contest.  Looking forward to 2022 and more sunspots.

IW2CAM: This year participating is for me the last one. Every year in the past I and my friend Fausto I4EAT we decided together if to participate. Unfortunately in March 2021 Fausto went Silent Key due to COVID-19.  Because of our strong friendship (we knew each other from 50 years) and we were like brothers,  I decided to participate in his honour to the 2021 DX Marathon  and to close here my participation to this competition.

KO4EJD: First time. I had to start over because we left Florida and came back to AZ.  Changed antennas at the end of the year and realized I just moved myself out of the limited category because I started using a 203' End Fed wire.  Now I know the length limit and will begin testing a new wire antenna.  Thanks for a great time.  It was a blast.

R6YY: In 2021, I scored 298 points in UNLIMITED class. But I decided to apply in the DIGITAL group. I declare 277 points. The past year was tense. Covid-19 imposed a heavy imprint on our entire lives.  Nevertheless, with great pleasure and perhaps the only aspiration continue to participate in the CQ DX Marathon. I congratulate all the colleagues with the New 2022 and wish you success.  Many thanks to John K9EL and all members of the team of the organizers of the Marathon for their altruism.

W7AOF:  I'm Furkan, 24 years old. I did my first QSO on April 13, 2021. This is my first time participating in the CQ Marathon.  If there was a youth category, I'm sure I would be the winner. I thought about joining in the digital category.  But I want a regional winner in the mixed category. I hope I earn a certificate. I wish everyone success.

ZL2IFB: The Marathon keeps me running all year, well jogging anyway, more like a gentle amble along the beach most of the time.  My sprinting days are over!  I'd be lost without Logger32 plus Club Log's annual league tables and AD1C's Marathon log converter.  Thanks for running the Marathon, maintaining the website and dropping occasional hints via the reflector about pirates, busted calls, DXpeditions and so forth.  Thanks also to everyone I worked in 2021, points or no points.  With the HF DX community for company, being locked down in my shack during COVID is not so bad after all! 

IK5FKF:  Since 2009 I have always participated in the Digital category (4 times winner),… thanks CQ DX Marathon.

WX0Z: Solar conditions improved in 2021 – I worked 15 ATNOs. I also finally worked zone 26 and have worked all 40 zones for the first time.

PU2STZ: Thank you CQ Mag for keeping us up on the bands with this wonderful contest. My score has improved over 2020, coming from 186 to this year's 209. I'll be back in 2022.

K4AR:   Thank you CQ Magazine, the Annual DX Marathon was a blast!  73

TA4RC: Thanks for all dx amateur station best 73's

VK4CC:  Thanks for running the marathon again. Hopefully conditions are on the improve.

CO2QU: Thanks you very much to the DX station to be a part of the fun and to deliver us new DXCC possibility.  Thank to God surpass my goals for this season.

VU2IBI: The only Contest to keep you in the shack "Year Long".

N4TL: This is the first time I submitted a score for this Marathon. 73

K9IO:    What a year! The bands were sounding better-and-better as the year progressed. All contacts FT8. Worked first Japan on 6 mts and first Vietnam and Thailand on 80 mts!

N6NFB: Worked 68 countries last year, my first year participating. 106 is nice progress. Next year I'll have to play in unlimited. 73

M0XLT: Yet another year completed and it was again an enjoyable one using a simple set-up.