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Resources, Hints & Tips: Zone 2 Callsigns

Zone 2 (Northeastern Zone of North America) Official Definition:

  • VO2 (Labrador)
  • The portion of VE2 Quebec north of the 50th parallel
  • Nunavut Territories east of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of King Christian, King William. Prince of Wales, Somerset, Bathurst, Devon, Ellesmere, Baffin and the Melville and Boothia Peninsulas, excluding Akimiski Island, Bear Islands and East Pen Island in Hudson Bay)

Nunavut Territory in Canada is the most difficult to determine as it lies within 3 WAZ Zones. See below for a detailed map.

The following callsigns represent a listing of known calls for Zone 2. As other call signs are identified, they will be listed.

VA2RC 2022-11-22 to 2023-04-15
VA2VT 2023-05-27 to 2023-06-04
VB2M July 21-30, 2023
VE2BFR Zone 2 resident as of Nov 11, 2022
VE2CSI Permanent Resident
VE2IDX 2023-10-26 to 2023-10-29 CQ WW SSB
VO2 (any) All VO2 stations are in Zone 2
VO2AAA January 24-27, 2023
VO2AC January 25-30, 2023
VY0/VE1RUS Nunavut - ER60tb
VY0/VE1RUS Nunavut - ER60tb
VY0/VE1RUS Nunavut - ER60tb
VY0ERC Part time visitors to club station. Nunavut, Ellesmere Isl.
VY0MEL Part time resident

Map of Nunavut Territory