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Official List

The full list of zones is available for download as part of our data files in the following formats:

Last Updated: February 8th 2024.


Zone Name Includes
Zone 1 Northwestern North America KL Alaska, VY1 Yukon, VE8 Northwest Territory, and VY0 Nunavut west of 102° (includes the is. of Victoria, Banks, Melville, and Prince Patrick)
Zone 2 Northeastern North America VO2 Labrador, the portion of VE2 Quebec north of the 50th parallel, and VY0 Nunavut east of 102° (includes the islands of King Christian, King William. Prince of Wales, Somerset, Bathurst, Devon, Ellesmere, Baffin and the Melville and Boothia Peninsulas, excluding Akimiski I., Bear Is., Fox I. and East Pen I. in Hudson Bay). See more on Zone 2 Stations)
Zone 3 Western North America VE7 British Columbia, W6, and the W7 states of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington
Zone 4 Central North America VE3 Ontario, VE4 Manitoba, VE5 Saskatchewan, VE6 Alberta, VY0 Akimiski I., Bear Is., Fox I. and East Pen I. in Hudson Bay. The W7 states of Montana and Wyoming, W0, W9, W8 (except West Virginia), W5, and the W4 states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky
Zone 5 Eastern North America 4U1U UN Headquarters, CY9 St. Paul Is., CY0 Sable Is., FP St. Pierre Miquelon, VE1 Nova Scotia and VE9 New Brunswick, VY2 Prince Edward Is., VO1 Newfoundland and the portion of VE2 Quebec south of the 50th parallel, VP9 Bermuda, W1, W2, W3, the W4 states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and the W8 state of West Virginia
Zone 6 Southern North America XE México and XF4 Revillagigedo Is.
Zone 7 Central America FO Clipperton I., HK0/a San Andres Is., HP Panama, HR Honduras, TG Guatemala, TI Costa Rica, TI9 Cocos Is., V3 Belize, YN Nicaragua, and YS El Salvador
Zone 8 Western Indies C6 Bahamas, CM Cuba, FG Guadeloupe, FJ Saint Barthelemy, FM Martinique, FS Saint Martin, HH Haiti, HI Dominican Republic, J3 Grenada, J6 Saint Lucia, J7 Dominica, J8 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, KG4 Guantanamo Bay, KP1 Navassa Is., KP2 Virgin Is., KP4 Puerto Rico, KP5 Desecheo Is., PJ5 Saba and Sint Eustatius, PJ7 Sint Maarten, V2 Antigua and Barbuda, V4 Saint Kitts and Nevis, VP2E Anguilla, VP2M Montserrat, VP2V British Virgin Is., VP5 Turks and Caicos Is., YV0 Aves Is., ZF Cayman Is., 6Y Jamaica, and 8P Barbados
Zone 9 Northern South America FY French Guiana, HK Colombia, HK0/m Malpelo Is., PJ2 Curaçao, PJ4 Bonaire, PZ Suriname, YV Venezuela, 8R Guyana, P4 Aruba, and 9Y Trinidad and Tobago
Zone 10 Western South America CP Bolivia, HC Ecuador, HC8 Galapagos Is., and OA Peru
Zone 11 Central South America PY Brazil, PY0F Fernando de Noronha, PY0S Saint Peter and Saint Paul Rocks, PY0T Trinidad Martin Vaz, and ZP Paraguay
Zone 12 Southwestern South America CE Chile, CE0 Easter Is., CE0 Juan Fernández Is., CE0 San Felix Is., 3Y/p Peter I., and some Antarctic stations (See more on Antarctic Stations)
Zone 13 Southeastern South America CX Uruguay, LU Argentina, VP8 Falkland Is., VP8/g South Georgia I., VP8/o South Orkney Is., VP8/h South Shetland Is., VP8/s South Sandwich Is., and some Antarctic stations (See more on Antarctic Stations)
Zone 14 Western Europe C3 Andorra, CT Portugal, CU Azores, DL Germany, EA Spain, EA6 Balearic Is., EI Ireland, F France, G England, GD Isle of Man, GI Northern Ireland, GJ Jersey, GM Scotland, GM/s Shetland Is., GU Guernsey, GW Wales, HB Switzerland, HB0 Liechtenstein, LA Norway, LX Luxembourg, ON Belgium, OY Faroe Is., OZ Denmark, PA Netherlands, SM Sweden, ZB Gibraltar, 3A Monaco, 4U1I ITU Headquarters, and 4UIV UN Vienna International Center
Zone 15 Central Europe E7 Bosnia Herzegovina, ES Estonia, HA Hungary, HV Vatican, I Italy, IS0 Sardinia, IT9 Sicily, LY Lithuania, OE Austria, OH Finland, OH0 Aland Is., OJ0 Märket I., OK Czechia, OM Slovakia, S5 Slovenia, SP Poland, T7 San Marino, TK Corsica, UA2 Kaliningrad, YL Latvia, YU Serbia, ZA Albania, Z3 North Macedonia, 1A0 Sovereign Military Order of Malta, 4O Montenegro, 9A Croatia, and 9H Malta
Zone 16 Eastern Europe EU Belarus, ER Moldova, UA1, UA2 (except for RA2 and UA2-UI2), UA3-UA7, UA9(S,T,W) Russia, and UR Ukraine
Zone 17 Western Siberia EX Kirgizstan, EY Tajikistan, EZ Turkmenistan, UA8, UA9(A,B,C,D,F,G,J,K,L,M,N,Q,R,X) Russia, UK Uzbekistan, and UN Kazakhstan
Zone 18 Central Siberia UA8, UA9(H,I,O,P,U,V,Y,Z), and UAO(A,B,H,O,R,S,T,U,V,W) Russia
Zone 19 Eastern Siberia UA0(C,D,F,I,J,K,L,Q,X,Z) Russia
Zone 20 Balkans Zone E4 Palestine, JY Jordan, LZ Bulgaria, OD Lebanon, SV Greece, SV/a Mount Athos, SV5 Dodecanese, SV9 Crete, TA Turkey, YK Syria, YO Romania, ZC4 UK Sovereign Bases on Cyprus, 4X Israel, and 5B Cyprus
Zone 21 Southwestern Asia A4 Oman, A6 United Arab Emirates, A7 Qatar, A9 Bahrain, AP Pakistan, EK Armenia, EP Iran, HZ Saudi Arabia, YA Afghanistan, YI Iraq, 4J Azerbaijan, 4L Georgia, 7O Yemen (excluding Socotra I. and Abd al Kuri Is.), and 9K Kuwait
Zone 22 Southern Asia A5 Bhutan, S2 Bangladesh, VU India, VU7 Lakshadweep Is., 4S Sri Lanka, 8Q Maldives., and 9N Nepal
Zone 23 Central Asia JT Mongolia, UA0Y Russia, BY3G-L NeiMenggu, BY9G-L GanSu, BY9M-R NingXia, BY9S-Z QingHai, and BY0 in China. See more details on China Zones)
Zone 24 Eastern Asia BV9P Pratas Is., BV Taiwan, BY1, BY2, BY3A-F TianJin, BY3M-R HeBei, BY3S-X ShanXi, BY4-8, BY9A-F ShaanXi in China, VR Hong Kong, and XX9 Macao. See more details on China Zones)
Zone 25 Japan Zone HL South Korea, JA Japan, and P5 North Korea
Zone 26 Southeastern Asia Paracel Is. (no prefix), 3W Vietnam, HS Thailand, VU4 Andaman and Nicobar Is., XU Cambodia, XW Laos, XZ Myanmar, and 1S Spratly Is.
Zone 27 Philippines Zone BS7 Scarborough Reef, DU Philippines, JD/m Minami-Tori-Shima, JD/o Ogasawara Is., T8 Palau, KH2 Guam, KH0 Mariana Is., and V6 Micronesia
Zone 28 Indonesia Zone H4 Solomon Is., P2 Papua New Guinea, V8 Brunei, YB Indonesia, 4W Timor-Leste, 9M2 West Malaysia, 9M6 East Malaysia, and 9V Singapore
Zone 29 Western Australia VK6 Western Australia, VK8 Northern Territory, VK9X Christmas Is., VK9C Cocos (Keeling) Is., and some Antarctic stations (See more on Antarctic Stations)
Zone 30 Eastern Australia FK/c Chesterfield Is., VK1 Capital Territory, VK2 New South Wales, VK3 Victoria, VK4 Queensland, VK5 South Australia, VK7 Tasmania, VK9L Lord Howe Is., VK9M Mellish Reef, VK9W Willis Is., VK0M Macquarie Is., and some Antarctic stations (See more on Antarctic Stations)
Zone 31 Central Pacific C2 Nauru, FO/m Marquesas Is., KH1 Howland and Baker Is., KH3 Johnson Atoll, KH4 Midway Atoll, KH5 Palmyra and Jarvis Is., KH6 Hawaii, KH7K Kure Atoll, KH9 Wake Is, T2 Tuvalu, T30 Western Kiribati, T31 Central Kiribati, T32 Eastern Kiribati, T33 Bananba I., V7 Marshall Is., and ZK3 Tokelau
Zone 32 New Zealand Zone A3 Tonga, E5 North and South Cook Is., FK New Caledonia, FO French Polynesia, FO/a Austral Is., FW Wallis and Futuna Is., H40 Temotu Province, KH8 American Samoa, KH8/s Swains I., VK9N Norfolk I., VP6 Pitcairn Is., VP6/d Ducie I., YJ Vanuatu, E6 Niue, ZL New Zealand, ZL7 Chatham Is., ZL8 Kermadec Is., ZL9 New Zealand Subantarctic Is., 3D2 Fiji, 3D2/r Rotuma, 3D2/c Conway Reef, 5W Samoa, and some Antarctic stations (See more on Antarctic Stations)
Zone 33 Northwestern Africa CN Morocco, CT3 Madeira, EA8 Canary Is., EA9 Ceuta and Melilla, IG9 African Italy (Pantalleria and Pelagic Is.), S0 Western Sahara, 3V Tunisia, and 7X Algeria
Zone 34 Northeastern Africa ST Sudan, SU Egypt, Z8 South Sudan, and 5A Libya
Zone 35 Central Africa C5 The Gambia, D4 Cape Verde, EL Liberia, J5 Guinea-Bissau, TU Côte d’Ivoire, TY Benin, TZ Mali, XT Burkina Faso, 3X Guinea, 5N Nigeria, 5T Mauritania, 5U Niger, 5V Togo, 6W Senegal, 9G Ghana and 9L Sierra Leone
Zone 36 Equatorial Africa D2 Angola, S9 Sao Tome and Principe, TJ Cameroon, TL Central African Republic, TN Congo-Brazzaville, TR Gabon, TT Chad, ZD7 St. Helena, ZD8 Ascension Is., 3C Equatorial Guinea, 3C0 Annobón, 9J Zambia, 9Q DR of Congo-Kinshasa, 9U Burundi and 9X Rwanda
Zone 37 Eastern Africa C9 Mozambique, ET Ethiopia, E3 Eritrea, J2 Djibouti, T5 Somalia, 5H Tanzania, 5X Uganda, 5Z Kenya, 7O Yemen (ONLY Socotra and Abd al Kuri Is.), and 7Q Malawi
Zone 38 South Africa A2 Botswana, V5 Namibia, ZD9 Tristan da Cunha and Gough Is., Z2 Zimbabwe, ZS South Africa, ZS8 Prince Edward and Marion Is, 3DA Eswatini, 3Y/b Bouvet I., 7P Lesotho, and some Antarctic stations (See more on Antarctic Stations)
Zone 39 Madagascar Zone D6 Comoros, FH Mayotte, FR Réunion, FT/g Glorioso I., FT/j Juan de Nova and Europa Is., FT/t Tromelin I., FT/w Crozet Is., FT/x Kerguelen Is., FT/z Amsterdam and Saint-Paul Is., S7 Seychelles, VK0H Heard Is., VQ9 Chagos Is., 3B6 Agalega and Saint Brandon Is., 3B8 Mautitius, 3B9 Rodriguez I., 5R Madagascar, and some Antarctic stations (See more on Antarctic Stations)
Zone 40 North Atlantic JW Svalbard, JW/b Bear I., JX Jan Mayen, OX Greenland, RI1FJ Franz Josef Land, and TF Iceland